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Dr. Ludim Pedroza


Dr. Ludim Pedroza is associate professor of music at Texas State University. Her research focuses on several interrelated topics: philosophy of performance, the histories of music institutions in the Americas, the crossroads between academic musical culture and popular music, and the aesthetic analysis of Latin American music. Her publications include the article “Merengue Meets the Symphony Orchestra” (American Music, 2014), which investigates the place of Latin American dance genres in the history of the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl and analyzes the August 2012 joint concert of merengue composer-artist Juan Luis Guerra with the Los Angeles Philharmonic under Gustavo Dudamel’s baton.


Dr. Pedroza teaches the graduate survey of the music of Latin America and additional courses on the music of Mexico and the Caribbean. She provides Latin Music Studies majors with tools for the appreciation of Latin American music as both sound-objects that provoke sophisticated aesthetic experiences and cultural prisms that project the complex socio-political context around them. A native of Venezuela, she studied music for 10 years at the conservatory Vicente Emilio Sojo in the city of Barquisimeto. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano performance from Antillean College (Puerto Rico) and West Texas A&M University, and the Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Texas Tech University.


You can see Dr. Pedroza's detailed profile ad CV here.