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M.M. Music - Latin Music Studies Performance

This degree plan currently offers specializations in mariachi and salsa. Graduate students typically choose one or the other.

The program is designed to foster 1) advanced performance skills in mariachi voice or Afro-Latin percussion within a focused academic environment; 2) practical skills in ensemble leadership and professional management; and 3) comprehensive and creative musicianship skills in arranging, research and historical studies integral to selected Latin and Latin American music genres.

This degree is recommended for performers who wish to 1) simply acquire and/or enhance their performance skills in mariachi voice or Afro-Latin percussion; 2) obtain credentials to establish private studios with versatile marketability or to teach applied lessons and develop ensembles in Latin Music at the college level.

Note: This degree plan accepts audition applications only from 1) mariachi vocalists; 2)  percussionists who specialize or wish to specialize in Afro-Latin percussion.