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Mariachi Nueva Generacion

Mariachi Nueva Generacion 2015-2016

Mariachi Nueva Generación (MNG) became a class at Texas State University in the fall of 1997. MNG is dedicated to the study and performance of all genres associated with mariachi, including, among others, the son, the huapango, the bolero, and the polka.

Since its creation, Texas State Mariachi Nueva Generación has established itself as one of the leading university mariachis in Texas. The group maintains a  busy schedule of performance both on and off campus and in all surrounding cities. MNG also engages students from all over Texas through workshops and clinics.

In spite of its busy performance and teaching schedule, the group is committed to hosting the annual Feria del Mariachi competition and workshop held in the late Spring of each year. For more information, please visit

Awards and Key Performances


Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza
2010 First Place
2009 Second Place
2008 First Place
2007 First Place
2006 First Place
2005 Second Place
2003 First Place
2001 Second Place
1999 First Place


Featured Performances
June 2010 Mariachi Vargas Concert
Opening Performer
Austin, TX
February 2005 Mariachi Vargas Concert
Opening Performer
Austin, TX


Fiesta del Grito de Independencia - Austin, TX
September 2009
September 2008
September 2007
September 2006
September 2005